Collaboration for Regenerative Social Change

Justicewise is a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc.

The world has changed and the old ways aren’t working


Justicewise connects people and organizations with new tools and strategies that are up to the task of supporting communities working together to solve their toughest challenges. We work with a network of partners to help you integrate diverse strategies, engage everyone who has a stake in the issues, and use technology to do more with less. For you that means less time in meetings, the buy-in that’s key to eliminating barriers to progress, and greater ability to leverage resources for maximum impact.


Gillian Haley

Gillian Haley

Ms. Haley is a specialist in the people side of change who works with communities to build alignment for regenerative social change. Ms. Haley knows that taking time to understand the needs and beliefs of those whom we seek to change is the only way to create lasting change. Using this approach, Ms. Haley secured an agreement to drop a multiparty lawsuit while repairing relationships and saved a project team over a quarter million dollars. She currently works at the intersection of homelessness, social isolation, and heart health. Ms. Haley belongs to a nationwide network of change agents who are pioneering new frameworks for navigating the complex challenges of the 21st century. Ms. Haley is an alumna of Accenture’s Process Excellence and Change Enablement practice where she led change strategy in Fortune 500 companies implementing global process change. She holds a Masters in Organization Development from Sonoma State University and presented her research on transformational leadership at the 2011 Global Organization Development Network Conference.




Change Management for Community Transformation

Informed by Science

Now you can set your project up for success using Prosci’s research-backed change management framework and evidence-based people insights from neuro and behavioral sciences. We can help from the inception of a project or review stuck plans and show you how to get back on track. 

Developed for the Digital Age

We’ve never been here before. Familiar ways of working are failing us. Luckily, global corporations blazed the trail and developed the new tools and strategies that do work in todays networked fast-changing world. Let us help you update your toolbox guided by our experience working in these new ways.

Guided by Whole System Change

Systems are why we say, “It’s going to take all of us working together.” Social change is complicated because it’s about how people interact with systems. The education system, the transportation system, the criminal justice system…everything is connected to everything else. That’s why we need special strategies for social change.

We offer three ways to experience our “Set Yourself Up For Success” approach



Project planning is one half of change planning. We help you plan for the people side of change: who will be affected, how will they be affected, what do they know that you need to know, what will it take for them to support the plan?

Analysis & Strategy

Build strategic alignment for collective action. Connect collaborative strategy frameworks to organizational strategic plans. Discover how to achieve a common goal starting with what each organization brings to the table. 

System Change Projects

Commit for the long haul. Stop looking for whose fault, and start looking and learning together. The only person you have the power to change is yourself.


The iBelong Project

iBelong is a volunteer-powered project of the heart sponsored by Justicewise. We believe that human connection lies at the heart of community wellbeing. iBelong exists to build neighborly connections as the foundation of a healthy, vibrant community that works together to solve shared challenges. Our work in Sonoma County, CA is growing.



Text FOOD is a bilingual program that connects people who are hungry to nearby locations that distribute free food. Sonoma County residents who use their cellphone to text the word FOOD or COMIDA to our phone number will get an immediate response with the information they need in English or Spanish.

Text FOOD is being phased in countywide in June 2020. The program was made possible by seed funding from St. Joseph Healthcare System and Rebuild North Bay, as well as the hearts and hands of community members from Sonoma Intersections Coalition, St. Joseph Community Investments, homeless advocates, and Health Action.



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