Collaboration For The

21st Century

The world has changed and the old ways aren’t working

Justicewise connects people and organizations with new tools and strategies that are up to the task of supporting communities working together to solve their toughest challenges. We work with a network of partners to help you integrate diverse strategies, engage everyone who has a stake in the issues, and use technology to do more with less. For you that means less time in meetings, the buy-in that’s key to eliminating barriers to progress, and greater ability to leverage resources for maximum impact.


Change Management for Community Transformation

Informed by Science

Now you can set your project up for success using Prosci’s research-backed change management framework and evidence-based people insights from neuro and behavioral sciences. We can help from the inception of a project or review stuck plans and show you how to get back on track. 

Developed for the Digital Age

We’ve never been here before. Familiar ways of working are failing us. Luckily, global corporations blazed the trail and developed the new tools and strategies that do work in todays networked fast-changing world. Let us help you update your toolbox guided by our experience working in these new ways.

Guided by Whole System Change

Systems are why we say, “It’s going to take all of us working together.” Social change is complicated because it’s about how people interact with systems. The education system, the transportation system, the criminal justice system…everything is connected to everything else. That’s why we need special strategies for social change.
We offer three ways to experience our “Set Yourself Up For Success” approach

Projects and Services

Analysis & Strategy
System Change Projects

Sponsored Projects

The iBelong Project

iBelong promotes neighborly connection and belonging as the foundation of a healthy, vibrant community.